Drinking Water Systems in Avon, IN

Every area has unique water properties with distinct needs from a water system. When you choose to work with the team at EcoWater of Avon, our knowledgeable staff will test your home’s water levels and help you find the water system that suits your family’s unique needs.

Drinking Water

At EcoWater of Avon, we take the old adage “Water is Life” extremely seriously. In some areas, tap water may be contaminated with dissolved metals such as lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and sulfates.

Ecowater of Avon offers purification systems that will not only help you and your family live healthier, but will help you save money on costly and ecologically unsustainable bottled water.

We offer two distinct drinking systems:

  Reverse Osmosis

Available in ERO 375, reverse osmosis water systems work to eliminate contaminants from your home’s drinking or cooking water. Through this system, water is pre-filtered then moved through a semipermeable membrane in order to rid it of any small particles that might remain. As a final step, the water passes through a carbon filter, resulting in crisp, clean and fresh drinking water.

  Microbiological Purification

Known for its fail-safe shut off and compact design, microbiological purification is an ideal option for majority of homes and families. Available in EPS 1000, this model’s design allows it to transform water without the use of ultra violet technology. Additionally, these systems are certified to meet or exceed standards set forth by the Environment Protection Agency. In result, this system to reduces 99% of bacteria, viruses, and cysts that can be present in both cooking and drinking water.

Whole Home

If you are experiencing a range of issues with your home’s water systems, one of the most effective means of addressing these issues is by implementing a whole home water filtration system. These systems help to correct a number of issues, such as water hardness, chlorine, and a number of other common issues.

If you are concerned for the health of your family but are unaware of your water’s issues, one of our expert technicians can inspect the water quality of your home, and based on test results, provide you with a unique home water solution.

We offer two distinct whole home filtration systems:

  Soft Water Plus Drinking Water

Using HydroLink technology, your home’s water usage, salt level, capacity and hardness is displayed, and works to evaluate all system components. If your system is not working it will alert you.

  Central Chloramine/Chlorine Water System

This salt-free system helps to reduce particle discharge and offers low energy and water usage features. This system does not use plastic bottles or replacement filters.

Since 1962, EcoWater of Avon has been helping families find the best water system solutions in Avon, IN and beyond. To get started and to receive a free consultation, contact us today.