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Water Care for Your Whole Home

If you are experiencing a range of issues with your home’s water systems, one of the most effective means of addressing these issues is by implementing a whole home water filtration system. These systems help to correct a number of issues, such as water hardness, chlorine, and a number of other common issues.

If you are concerned for the health of your family but are unaware of your water’s issues, one of our expert technicians can inspect the water quality of your home, and based on test results, provide you with a unique home water solution.

We offer two distinct whole home filtration systems:

Soft Water Plus Drinking Water

Using HydroLink technology, your home’s water usage, salt level, capacity and hardness is displayed, and works to evaluate all system components. If your system is not working it will alert you.

Central Chloramine/Chlorine Water System

This salt-free system helps to reduce particle discharge and offers low energy and water usage features. This system does not use plastic bottles or replacement filters.


Whether the water in your home is seriously contaminated or you have general concerns for the health and wellbeing of your family, EcoWater of Avon has products that can help you live your best life. We offer a variety of filters to help homes in Avon, IN decontaminate their water, making it safe for consumption and daily general use, ridding it of contaminants such as:

• Arsenic
• Sulfates
• Hydrogen sulfide
• Iron and Manganese
• Nitrates
• Silt/Sediment
• Tannin

Which water filter is right for your family?

EcoWater of Avon offers a range of filters, each featuring electronic timer controls, multi-wrap fiberglass, one-inch risers, and washed quartz unbedding.

ETF2300AIV Series (Iron Filter)

Reinforced resin tank, ferrite brim, chemical-free

ETF2300IF Series (Iron & Manganese Filter)

Reinforced media tank, custom media application, self-cleaning distributors

ETF2300PF Series (Customizable Filter)

Reinforced media tank, custom media application, self-cleaning distributors, chemical-free

Since 1962, EcoWater of Avon has been helping families find the best water system solutions in Avon, IN and beyond. To get started and to receive a free consultation, contact us today.

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